Cargill Earnings Report

Cargill Earnings Report

Spencer, IA: (Apr 09, 2015) – Quarterly earnings for Cargill jumped 33% as booming meat profits and low grain prices boosted results for the agricultural giant.

Minneapolis-based Cargill processes beef, pork and turkey in the United States and is the latest major meatpacker to report rising profits as growing consumer demand and ample supplies of grain for feed have made the meat business more lucrative.

Quarterly profits at rivals Tysons Foods and Pilgrim’s Pride topped analysts’ expectations in recent months as margins on chicken remain robust and U.S. pork supplies rebounded from the effects of the PED virus that killed millions of piglets over the past two years.

Cargill’s better earnings came as the company slimmed down some U.S. operations, selling a Texas cattle feedlot and shuttering a Missouri turkey processing plant in the past quarter.

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