CCF Annual Meeting

CCF Annual Meeting


Clay County Fair 2015 Annual Meeting

        Spencer,IA (KICD) — Three-hundred-seventy people attended the Clay County Fair Association’s Annual Meeting Tuesday evening.
         In the history of the Clay County Fair, this year was the second best year ever.
         Fair Manager and Secretary, Jeremy Parsons, said the weather this year had a lot to do with the fair’s success and that people are responding well to what the fair has to offer.
        The nine people elected to the twenty-seven member fair board were: Doug  Biedenfeld, Dave Brugman, Tim Elser, Dave Potratz, Leon Rodus, Carl Simons, Gayle Simons, Paul Stave and Tracy Small.
          Parsons also revealed the new logo and slogan for next year’s Clay County Fair September 10th -18th.  The slogan is “Blue Ribbon Fun!”
         Forty-four workers were also recognized for their years of service at the Clay County Fair during Tuesday night’s meeting.

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